whats the big idea behind using social media for search engine optimization SEO

Apr 15, 2013 byAnthony Galeano

People thinks that SEO and SMO are very different things but the reality is that when it comes to SEO you are looking for ways to have your content seeing by as many people possible, and SMO is a way to make that happen. So, the question becomes how? Well easy. Every time you tweet or post a link on Facebook you are creating an entry door to your content and the more you share it the more links you have to your content. Lets take a tweet as an example, you share something and other people likes the content you share and therefore share your content, so what you just did is to create many entry ways to your content and hence elevated the relevance of your page indexing higher.

That’s exactly what makes content index higher “relevance” is your content so good that people are talking about it and willing to share it? Google looks at the relevance so why not use SMO to help your SEO!

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